Landscape architecture, garden design, planting design and management - Rowland Byass
Île de Ré


This garden surrounds a holiday house on the Atlantic island of Ré, set behind a sand dune and with its own gate onto the beach. Plants here have to be tough enough to withstand salt-laden winds, but the mild climate enables a wider range of subtropical species than further inland. The landscape around the house was replanned to retain most of its mature trees and shrubs, but emphasizing a series of distinct zones.
From the entrance the garden progresses through a small area of cypress and pine woodland, underplanted with Hydrangeas and climbing roses. Next to it, a lawn is bordered with exotic flowering shrubs. Beyond the lawn, we created a new ‘summer garden’. This garden is not irrigated. It makes a virtue of sandy soil and sun: a stylized version of a dry Mediterranean landscape, with a backbone of aromatic shrubs like Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme, interplanted with drought-tolerant flowers and grasses.
At the rear of the house, the path through the dune was minimally treated. Planted with Marram grass and native Alliums, it brings the beach landscape into the garden.
Landscape design and project management, with Trees Associates