Landscape architecture, garden design, planting design and management - Rowland Byass
Ravenscourt Road

A Victorian walled garden on two levels, redesigned for a young family.

This characterful garden, with a high old brick wall along its south-facing boundary, has been transformed as part of the refurbishment and extension of the house. Its owners wanted an open, usable garden suitable for two young boys to play in, with some provision for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs. The things which give the garden such character - the walls, mature climbers and an old pear tree in the lawn - have been preserved as part of the new scheme.

Working with the project architect, I created a green roof planted with wildflowers, grasses and sedums above the new extension. A new terrace in riven Yorkstone, extends usable space from inside to outside. From here, three wide shallow steps lead to the lawn, retained at the previous level to preserve the old pear tree. Stepping stones lead through planting to a living willow tunnel along one side of the garden. On the other side, mature climbers and an apple tree have been preserved and new stainless steel cables installed to support the climbers. At the end of the garden, two sections of hedging and a central opening mirror the design of the extension's three glass door panels. They screen a play area for the boys with a large trampoline, and a greenhouse and compost bins.