Landscape architecture, garden design, planting design and management - Rowland Byass
Avedon House

This roof garden is located on top of a new house in central London. The clients’ brief was to create a usable, easily maintained garden and to soften the austerity of the new architecture with naturalistic planting. Like most urban roof gardens, this one is sunny and exposed. The urban location creates a warmer than average microclimate, but exposed to dessicating winds.

Custom-made steel planters, powder coated in sky blue, line the roof.  The garden uses a palette of plants from Mediterranean and coastal habitats suited to the location, including Stipa tenuifolia, Perovskia atriplicifolia, thyme and Tamarisks.

A large green olive (Phillyrea latifolia) pruned in Japanese niwaki style, complements the contemporary architecture. On a lower level roof, Japanese maples and a cloud-pruned Ligustrum jonandrum suit the more sheltered conditions.