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Ujjain masterplan

Ujjain is a small city of ancient origins in the semi-arid landscape of western Madhya Pradesh, close to Rajasthan. Its Mahakal temple, dedicated to Shiva as the destroyer of time, is one of the most important sacred sites in India.

Working for INTACH (Indian Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage), I developed a masterplan for the polluted and degraded landscape around the Rudra Sagar lake at the edge of the city, close to the Mahakal temple. Its objectives were ecological, social and economic: restoring the health of the lake, recreating the sacred forest that used to exist around the city as a new series of green public spaces, and providing for pilgrims and tourists visiting Ujjain. The masterplan includes provision for biofiltration reed beds and water treatment, an Interpretation Centre and parking for visitors, a food court and market, and dry deciduous native forest habitat all around the lakeside.