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What is good planting design? (1)


Clipped lavender, santolina and rosemary in La Louve, the garden of the late Nicole de Vésian in Provence.

Gertrude Jekyll (inset) and part of her garden at Munstead Wood, Surrey

“And I found that one thing well worth doing was to get together as many kinds as I could of any one plant in general cultivation, and grow them together, and compare them at their blooming season and see which was really the best and most beautiful; for in equal or greater proportion with the growth of critical appreciation, there comes an intolerance of rubbish, and by the constant exercise of the critical faculty the power of judging becomes unconscious, and, as it were, another natural sense.”

Gertrude Jekyll, Home and Garden

“Putting plants together is like learning to speak. We learn a few individual words, then attempt a phrase, or even a sentence. So it is with planting. First learn the individual plants, their habits, and most important, their needs; then you can begin to combine sympathetic or contrasting shapes, textures and colours to make a statement, or tell a story.”

Beth Chatto, in the Foreword to Gardening with Grasses

'Don't be afraid of colour.'

Nancy Goslee Powers, in Breaking Ground

What is good planting design?

 1. Good planting design is about putting plants together in space as well as time.

 2. Good planting design has a language; it tells a story.

 3. Good planting design requires a critical eye.




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